about Pregnancy Crisis Helpline

The Pregnancy Crisis Helpline is a UK-based charity providing safe and confidential support to those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, or struggling after an abortion.

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy women can often feel alone and isolated, at the time when they most need help. It is easy to feel rushed into making a decision without having time to fully consider the situation (about 30% of our callers are phoning to talk about their abortion regret).

The helpline seeks to support women in exploring their feelings and their options at this stressful time, and to empower them to make their own fully informed decisions.

How we work

We are a Christian charity following the principle of “love your neighbour” – simply supporting people in their moment of need. We are committed to treating everyone equally, regardless of religion, race, background, beliefs, age, gender or sexual orientation. We welcome people of all faiths and of none.

Our team of volunteers are trained in skilled listening, and utilise counselling skills to help callers make sense of their situations in a safe, unhurried and non-judgemental environment. Our team members receive ongoing training and supervision in pregnancy and post-abortion support. 

If callers would like additional support after their initial call, we offer to help them find services in their local area where they can receive face-to-face support – eg: counselling, financial advice, early years support, help with housing, support groups for single parents and many others.

We work closely with a few trusted pregnancy support organisations who handle additional calls to the helpline. If the call is transferred to one of them, their organisation will take over responsibility for the support received.

While we offer support for women (and their partners) struggling with an unplanned pregnancy or post-abortion difficulties, we do not refer for abortion.

Do you support men?

Please note that whilst most of our callers are women and we refer to women throughout this website, our service is equally open to men. There are very few support services available for men in pregnancy, despite the significant life-change it can mean for them too. So we welcome men to call and find a safe place to discuss their situations and concerns.

Help – I’m pregnant…

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