The Pregnancy Crisis Helpline is based in the UK and was set up to provide a safe and confidential place for women to find help when facing an unexpected pregnancy, or suffering after an abortion.

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy women can often feel alone and isolated – at the time when they most need help. The first reaction is often to panic and make a decision that might be regretted. The helpline seeks to support women (and their partners) in exploring their feelings and their options at this stressful time.

We also have access to an extensive directory of pregnancy support centres around the UK. We can tell you about your local services so you can receive face-to-face support in your local area – eg: counselling, financial advice, help with housing, support groups for single parents and many others. Let us know if you’d like help finding support in your local area.

While we offer support for women (and their partners) struggling with an unplanned pregnancy or post-abortion difficulties, we do not refer people for abortion.