Safeguarding & Governance


Our goal is to build a nationally trusted and recognised organisation that can safely and reliably serve the needs of the UK for years to come. The charity was registered as a CIO in 2020.

The board of trustees works hard to ensure that charity governance framework is robust in every way, to protect our clients and ensure they receive consistent, safe support at all times.

You can find out more information about the charity on the Charity Commission website.


Those calling the helpline have the potential to be vulnerable, underage, and/or the victims of sexual abuse. Therefore we prioritise safeguarding at the core of all our work.

The charity’s safeguarding team has extensive experience in safeguarding, mental health support and dealing with challenging situations.

The safeguarding team supports our team of volunteers, and reviews cases on a regular basis. Volunteers receive ongoing training and practise according to our safeguarding protocols. 

The charity is a member of, an organisation that supports charities in achieving safeguarding compliance.

Our goal is always to have safeguarding best-practices embedded across the organisation. Please see the safeguarding policy for more information.

Data protection

We prioritise keeping our clients safe by ensuring any stored information is kept securely in GDPR-approved systems.

Team management

Our recruitment, training and supervision process is overseen by an experienced team whose priority is to ensure our compliance is to the highest standards. We follow robust recruitment standards, with training and supervision pathways, for all our volunteers, to safeguard our clients and ensure they receive consistent, high-quality support.


The operating budget of the charity is currently small and mainly covers IT costs, thanks to the generosity of the team in their work. We have no physical premises and operate entirely remotely.

Board oversight

Our board of trustees meet every two months for formal meetings, but are in regular contact with the CEO to be updated on current issues and priorities.

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