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The Helpline is a vital support for women who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Most of the women calling us are reluctantly considering an abortion. For many this is due to their circumstances. For others it’s because of pressure from their partner, family or others.

We offer these women space to talk through their situation, their fears and their options. Our aim is to empower women to make their own fully informed decisions about pregnancy – decisions they will not come to regret.

Many of the women contacting the Helpline are asking for help with abortion regret (some had their abortion in the previous few days, others decades earlier). Often it is significantly affecting their mental health but they haven’t felt able to talk about it with anyone. We offer these women a safe place to express their pain and find longer term support if they want it.

What people tell us...

* messages are a summary of the typical messages we receive

Why do people struggle with pregnancy decisions?

There are a number of life pressures that callers talk about as the reason for reluctantly considering an abortion.

And it often involves a complex mix of these factors which seem too much to manage. 

The Helpline is able to help women find practical support to broaden their options if they want it – to empower them in what might feel like a hopeless situation.

  • Mental health issues
  • Financial or housing difficulties
  • Risk to employment or education
  • Coercion by a partner
  • Pressure from family and/or friends
  • Feeling overwhelmed with current family pressures

The urgent need

We received over 1500 calls and 500 web chats last year from women across the UK. However, due to limited funds and staffing, we were unable to answer all of these calls. 

We urgently need funds to develop the team and expand our reach so that we can offer women across the UK the support they want.

"Honestly, I have no words to thank you for your help."

A previous caller

"Full of joy for getting in touch with you and for the decision to keep the pregnancy - a baby boy has been born"

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