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Finding out you’re pregnant can be scary and lonely… especially if the pregnancy wasn’t planned. We have spoken with many, many people in similar situations to you who found a way through, even though at the time they couldn’t see an acceptable solution to their situation.

Our priority is to give you a confidential and safe place where you can talk to someone about your situation. We find that people normally find the answer within themselves – it just takes a safe environment to be able to speak out the emotions and thoughts, and then the answers become clearer.

We have access to a comprehensive directory of pregnancy support services around the country and can put you in touch with someone in your local area to help you with ongoing support.

So if we can help you explore your situation, and reassure you that you will get through this, as so many women before you can confirm, then do give us a call. The call is free and confidential: 

0800 368 9296

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